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Dicronite Dry lubrication Welcome Processed to: DOD-L-85645 A Type 1 AMS 2530A 20 Millionths thick, no curing Dicronite dry lubrication is a precision thin film lubricant widely used in space, aerospace, plastics, semiconductor and mechanical applications. Dicronite reduces friction, heat and wear with a very low coefficient of friction over a wide temperature range on all metallic substrates.  Dicronite is applied at near ambient temperatures and does not flake or chip off. Dicronite does not utilize carriers or binders and is environmentally friendly, also meeting Military and biocompatibility specifications. Dicronite is also widely used in the military and commercial aircraft on fasteners, couplings, bushings, bearings and spools.The plastics industry values the thin film thickness, non-contaminating, and wide functional temperature range of Dicronite. The semiconductor equipment industry utilizes Dicronite to address challenging issues in precision tolerances and vacuum operating conditions under cleanroom environments. Dicronite is utilized to reduce friction and wear in high technology equipment. Dicronite is widely used to reduce friction, heat and wear in roller and linear bearings, gears, roller screws, splines, valves, sleeves and rings in various types of mechanical equipment. Dicronite is also used as co-lubricant with traditional oils and greases. Our Focus Dicronite Dry Lube Southeast is committed to delivering the highest quality product and services that meet the needs and expectations of our customers. We strive to do this by offering a 3-5 day turn around on all orders with expedited processing always an option for time sensitive projects. We pride ourselves on offering fair and balanced time based pricing model which allows you to stretch every dollar of your coatings budget. Our attention to detail allows us to maintain the highest quality all the way from initial quote thru final shipment of goods ensuring that you only receive parts that meet the exacting specifications that many of our customers require. The team here at Dicronite Dry Lube Southeast would more than value the opportunity to discuss any benefits you might experience from an application of Dicronite to your products. IndustryNet - The industrial marketplace for machinery, parts, supplies & services